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Air, Fire, Water, Earth 12/3/09

Posted by vettech , 19 February 2014 · 96 views

        As i inhale down into the depths of my belly, the movement conjures up a stir of echoes that connects with the exhalation    
        and emerges with the wise whisperings of my soul.  I repeat this process until the natural flow of the movement of all things
        lights the.......
       The tingling, radiating heat that connects mind and body, rising with every oxygenated breath until it elevates me to the
       place of truth.  Igniting the internal flame that has been the determining factor of my survival.  A small, flickering candle
       of hope that mysteriously floats on a vast sea of.......
      Deep beneath the calm surface, far down into the darkness, the undercurrent churns and uncovers secrets and treasures
      never before revealed.  I grasp all I can, my spirit full, and weightlessly return to the surface with my ocean bounty.  I reach
      the shore, and as i dig my fingers into the solid.......
      My new found knowledge sinks into the soil as seedlings.  I stand up, dripping wet, and the water from my journey feeds what
      is below me.  A devastating wave from the farthest depths crashes over me, but I stand unfaltered.  For the seeds that I planted
      from inside myself have become the roots that Mother Earth has bestowed upon me as my foundation.

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