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Public and private me

Posted by Mand , 07 March 2014 · 138 views

If you met me,
You would not know.
There is no sign around my neck,
No writing on my forehead.

You would meet me and think,
"What lovely woman,
What a happy smile."

And that is good,
Because that is the mask I wear,
That is what I want you to see.

Because the sign hangs on the inside,
The writing within my body.
It is for me to read.
For me to k...


The day after T - always an odd one

Posted by Mand , 07 March 2014 · 177 views

So, today was a challenge. But why am I surprised? It generally is the day after T. I had a bad night. Nightmares, sweats, panic. All the usual. I knew work was going to be busy, and that is useful - a wonderful distraction. What I wasn't expecting this morning was vulnerable Mand was going to be in charge. As I sat in my office, my two lovely colleagues...

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