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16 & Terrified


He's done it again!

Posted by EmilyRW96 , 02 March 2014 · 117 views

Just had word that my ex partner, who raped me and got away with it has now done the same thing to another girl but, beat the living daylights out of her so she wouldn't tell anyone. 
Even when I spoke out to stop it happening again, it has happened, and people wonder why women don't speak out? The law is a joke. I went through hell to protect...


Full of anger :(

Posted by EmilyRW96 , 19 February 2014 · 104 views

I think I'm going through a stage. A very very angry stage. I see him around and everything flows back. I feel sick just knowing that he got away with what he did to me me. I have to live it every day! It's like something creeps up in my mind letting me know to not forget what happened. I look at babies and my heart aches knowing that my angels can't be w...



Posted by EmilyRW96 , 13 February 2014 · 92 views

Every night I got to bed I end up becoming really angry and depressed, I can't count how many times I've cried myself to sleep this week. I've never felt like this before, I feel like I don't want to be here anymore, I can't live one day without fear of him coming back :'( I talk to my boyfriend about it but he's in the army so can't be here to comfort me...


Mothers day

Posted by EmilyRW96 , 11 February 2014 · 113 views

Mother's day is coming up soon. I'm dreading it. I wish my two angels were here to share it with me, my family tell me to forget about my loss and move on because "I was too young to have a baby anyway" That does not make me any less of a mother! I cannot just forget and move on http://www.pandys.or...default/sad.png my ange...


Turning 16 is supposed to be a special time.

Posted by EmilyRW96 , in Rape, Miscarriage, Blackmail 09 February 2014 · 126 views

On my 15th birthday, (15th October 2011) I decided to get into a relationship with a close friend from school Harrison, we were in a loving and intimate relationship until my 18th October 2012. During the October month my neighbour's son Peter, who I had known all my life started to message me on Facebook talking about how we should meet up, because I'd k...

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