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Crabby nebula

Posted by Linnaeus , 06 February 2016 · 47 views

People might want to mozy on over tot he Stop Abuse Campaign, www.stropabusecampiagn.com or org. - it looks pretty interesting. I was just thinking how people invent children to be aggressive and hostile seeing my own story with a red lodge crab bake or sorts (nasty people). It doesn't make a man bad just because he survived a lobster bake (trying to put...


Default Safe Life

Posted by Linnaeus , 03 February 2016 · 80 views

I am thankful to have been given a STD. Truthfully. This is the way to look at it. Keeping sexual caution and safe sex practices has been rewarding, it's not only kept my trousers up and reduced the risks to others it's eliminated me from being infected with anything else.
I've been called a strapping lad with good looks and an All American gr...


Social services discrimination

Posted by Linnaeus , 02 February 2016 · 79 views

Family claims to be related to a famous person and you're censured as forced conversion is attempted, your case history with abuse is kept in 5 states while you see victim blame, hate and discrimination from services. Proselytizing is wickedly cruel and fabrications are made to further low self esteem reinforcement. You have a proven track record of overc...


Sorting To Realize

Posted by Linnaeus , 01 February 2016 · 65 views

I'd sure be interested in anyone who recalls a childhood experience linked to the prophetess of Rhodesia and the Cold War. Remembering New England as a young child and a caper playing into my early childhood left me witnessing a tie to those unusual Cecil Rhodes ideas.
Total fear and racism with a unusual pattern of abuse linked to how I would expe...



Posted by Linnaeus , 31 January 2016 · 65 views

Recalling gun lessons as a child my dad (who was my abuser) banned toy guns from the home speaking that they were tools rather than toys. Both parent's held that view, my mom too. This saw change eventually as time passed as my dad amassed a small arsenal of nearly 80 guns and began taking me shooting around age 13 - 14. Something like a rite of initiatio...


Thoughts (selfish? - self interest is a sign of better health)

Posted by Linnaeus , 30 January 2016 · 58 views

Being pushed to a cult while compressed under a censor and undue influence while family took favors left a brew keg for a uncle who knew details of my child abuse history and illegal activities (him being a "responsible law enforcement official").
If I laugh at the religious ideals, listen to "he said she said" and a family friend sp...


Winter Reality

Posted by Linnaeus , 30 January 2016 · 61 views

Do I have to censor speaking on a crime?
I am a crime victim.
Call it a little shop of horrors.
Observing parties involved and recalling history knows when there's a witness the parties involved retaliate.
having survived that, along with years of secrets parties involved kept knew character assassination. Someone died (my abus...


Charecter assasination

Posted by Linnaeus , 29 January 2016 · 79 views

When abuse and discrimination / isolation censors the abused to awful hideous maltreatment and is said to disable a person people spin things and ruin lives. I survive that today under a revision which is atrocious. I'm a regular male with a survivor story and a bit of knowledge now that's got me seeing forward with some goals. I see abling vs disabling =...


Emotional Separation

Posted by Linnaeus , 28 January 2016 · 58 views

I have a better idea than most.
To that family member who dealt drugs years back - you disappointed me. I've seen coke and games - you guys...
heads up


A Systemic Problem

Posted by Linnaeus , 20 January 2016 · 71 views

I come from a background where sex abuse was used to make aggression. There is a religious program tied to it. After years of being suffocated under the system of belief, I sought to get a perspective outside it. I got a bit of clarity looking at a early childhood experience near the ocean on a dark night where all the stars could be seen where my parents...


Taking On Water

Posted by Linnaeus , 19 January 2016 · 44 views

I have a difficult time with what was told me. I am in the middle of a hate crime with law enforcement corruption issue and a church problem. Witnessing ties to terror - I'm not supposed to discuss that here. To many fucking things have occurred.
In trying to decide whether the knife in my back is something to pull out or leave for fear of war trop...



Posted by Linnaeus , 13 January 2016 · 141 views

I've played both sides of the fence doing research and taking on other people's troubles while examining a mind control program given me.
People like to portray this idea of security and upstanding citizenship. As a survivor, I was a challenge to those types of ideals.
My abuser became a Christian convert. Intimate secrets were shared o...



Posted by Linnaeus , 28 May 2015 · 147 views


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