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What About My Rights?

Posted by Linnaeus , 05 July 2014 · 31 views

I remember a rumor as a child. Given during the birth of my only sibling. Long ago it was joked about "he's his dad's little Manchurian candidate". Denial of any therapy, concern - fact being put away while denial enabled others to get away with criminal mischief (taboo if I should ever talk, abuse in motion while after my perps death total denial and maligned ideology set to getting beaten upon any infraction) left me as an adult susceptible to a racket of influence suppressing history while controls over my life leave ugly and incriminating details on games using my kids and the attitudes persisting in legal obstruction and "omarta".Usury under conditions of deprivation, coercion, terror and known details where access to proper therapy was denied and the triggers, insights and wiring (my psychological make up) is wound tight and relied upon boasting ideas and insinuations for character, anyone ever hear of a "loaded gun", professionalized neglect going to denying a child any instance of treatment or concern enabling abuse while it's held in secret, an outside professional allowing injustice with collective racketeering only to see abuses as an adult judicially and ethically under a known witness account and ritualized abuses being covered up (or lent to the gains of others less actualizing needs - usury under a form of deprivation and aggravating condition lent to service or protection of those involved?)  
My grandfather was a veteran who was captured in WWII. Noted was a fear POWs had been traitors and tabs were kept on them. One of the parties close to the professional ethical question had an interesting history in how my childhood case was left to concerns as an adult. Brainwashed patriotism and abuses are a theme seen in the equation. http://www.history.n...comp.htm#prison
"You little bastard" - words to me as a child causing a problem for my father, my perp. Frowning and guilt on the child left to a conspiracy of silence as an adult noting being a POW (and used - history about this kept to a series of distortions and racketeering questions).
In a conspiracy of silence I've been a hostage since I was young only to see types of hysteria and fear mongering (dating back to my childhood on certain things such as what brand loyalty or products were in our house to questions on race, as an adult incited fears on Chinese to others were noted, add, "you're a holy terror!" or "you are possessed!" or attitudes evoking irrational ideas keeping to denial or - what or with whom I belong (twice religious groups were references).
Join the Mormons - years ago. Then Jehovah Witnesses came along. Then some "sounds and light of God" group I should join all while admissions on my history showed slight and heavy manipulations in emotional games and deceptions where - heck the light of day wouldn't shed on me less I allowed myself to it.
My church experience was oppressive under public corruption. A local issue with a federal agent took up a man I was asked to testify against while a call around showed division in poetical bents, my civil rights case caught in a quagmire.
My father (my perp) was involved with work in Civil Rights era concerns seeing opportunity while he worked for a major business (Pepsi). As an executive, the following adds to his history since he spoke of the "coke" issue. He also read up and studied "hysterical societies" - noted that Pepsi and Josephus Daniels are odd in media and race relations to my dad's specialized work and that of his own Navy ROTC days (with racism and odd consumer loyalties noted), "panic" and giving me a life void of any "wellness" - he'd taken on Free Masons after leaving one venue, was blackballed during attacks as a religious fanatic and upon his death on Halloween, I'd spoken out but was quickly discredited as usual (my grandfather worked and retired from a news paper while leaving me insight I was special to the family - press badges and a writing box given me as a child seemed improvised inside out lives) There'd been defeisnive posturing, a take on William Randolph Hearst got a endorsement while I'd been expected to uphold forms of propaganda (I reject that)
Truth be known, I must exist under a Bull Shit License... while I need to create my own "anti-bull shit license". To appeal for veterans while neglecting my own needs to see how a racket kind of adopts history (a contradiction exists which is surreal).
http://www.uic.edu/c...f Coca Leaf.htm

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