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Posted by whodatninja , 14 August 2014 · 55 views

i got so pissed when the mayor stopped by and assumed RJs kid was mine. i told her and every other family member i don't like children and it's not mine. is that all they see me for? as a baby machine? i'm sick of family members asking me when i will get a man and get married. is that all i'm good for? serving some jerk in the kitchen? the fuck.
what about my dreams and aspirations? they tell me it's stupid and get a 'real job'. i know my books aren't for everyone. i know my games aren't for everyone. why keep putting me down? where's the support? the encouragement? i keep thinking of my dad. he always pushed me to do my best. he would've been proud i got as far as i did. he always said to do better, aspire to be more, get further than he did.
he would've been a science or math teacher, instead he became a janitor for 40 years. my mom would've been an english teacher. instead she became a goverment secretary for 20 years. our family have a lot of smart people, in math, science, yet they all settled. for factory jobs. some of the better ones had goverment secretarial jobs. few became teachers. because it's easy. my dad told me not to settle. i know it was harder back then if you're brown and smart to get anywhere in the world. he told me to do great. prove The Man wrong. i tried. the system is against me.
I tried talking to RJ about how I felt and tried to be serious with him, but was ignored. then i realised that i must not have a voice since the people who i thought mattered to them just see me as a nuisance. i can't speak to my mom, my sister, or anyone.
i want to get better and live a happy life. yet every which way i turn, i'm continually ignored. earlier today tried talking to one of my friends about the race riots that are happening here and my frustrations. he did the basic smile and nod. it's too complex for them to understand where i'm coming from. this just convinces me more and more that i'm still nobody, nothing to them. it makes no difference if i'm the couch for an hour, airing my issues, while the clown draws pictures in his notebook and says, 'oh, is that so?'. i don't matter at all to anyone, so i know when i do cut my ties permanently, i leave no mark. fuck these books. fuck these gaming projects. i can't take it anymore.
i'm sick of the invalidation, the minimisation, constantly being told to forgive and forget and move on. i might as well be invisible with my tongue cut out. i'm sick of being told not to think and feel the way i do. this is real. my feelings are real, my thoughts are real. i'm sick of supressing everything under a cloud of mediciations, of alcohol, of street drugs.
i'm going to pretend everything is fine until after my mother's birthday. then i'm cutting out of here. the little money i get, i'll put aside to get a ticket anywhere out of here and just going to go where i can't be found easily. they'll find me after awhile. it's hard to miss a 6 foot tall amazon with the bronze fro. i won't be sorry. i tried my best. they still wouldn't listen and i'm tired of screaming at them to give a damn.
all they're worried about is how much i hurt THEM. but what about me? why don't i matter?
do i have a sign on that says hurt me? i can't be nice to people. i can't trust people. i keep accepting all these things from others. but when i put my foot down, i get punished. stop fucking punishing me for trying to be a person.
i am not an object.
i am not a statistic.
i am not a problem to be fixed.
i am not an annoyance to be swept under the rug.,
i am somebody. i hurt, i feel, i think, i care, i love.
yet i don't matter.
i've made up my mind. the year will end, as will i. so i might have to repeat this life again. oh well. but i know my limits. i'm tired of struggling against the system. i'm tired of living where i don't matter, of being judged because of what i look like. no matter where i moved, i got the same damn response. because i'm brown.
i wonder what my obituary will say. there's no decent pictures of me. they'll probably pull out a lame one. it won't matter as i'm dead then.

Aug 17 2014 03:07 AM

Dear whodatninja,


i feel you are in alot of pain and im truly sorry for that. you are not invisible. you are a beautiful human being. we are almost the same height. im 6 feet 1 inch. not kidding. been the outsider all my life. was hurt first as child and have self centered parents. esp my mom who doesnt give a damn about anyone but herself but now has cancer and i mtorn between the need to be there as expected to be abused again only this time mainly verbally. was looking for help for long time. im 46 yrs old and was always feeling like none cares. then found a job some 20 years ago with a man who passed away 13 years ago. was his secretary. since then i continue to work for his wife and take care of her house. but more than employer she is a friend and my life line. never thought i would be so lucky. she is 70 yrs old. i just hope she will be ok. she encourages me to take care of myself. she is really a mom to me unlike the woan who gave birth to me . i still feel at times afraid and not good . never married. i wish for you you can stay alive. take all the time to heal. i learned sometimes perople cant be there for me because they are limited people. they dont have the capacity to give something of themselves. sometimes they are just very weak and afraid. they will make bad remarks like they dont care and put you down only to hide their own problems. i am here for you if you ever need a good listener. hugs

Aug 17 2014 04:21 AM
Aug 17 2014 04:21 AM

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