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annoyed with stupidity

Posted by whodatninja , 16 July 2014 · 136 views

RJ bitched at me about me being rude to his stupid wife. He told me if I don't let her do what she wants he'll beat me up. I rolled my eyes and said I didn't give two shits and a fuck and I don't have to do anything. He said I shouldn't act like she owes me anything. I told the dumbass that she didn't keep her promise. He tried to rationlise and I shut him down. I don't care how stupid she is. if you promise to do something, fucking do it. i told him she got no honor and i'm  not down for that. he said people are scandalous and i shouldn't be that way. I said she had no courtesy to call that she was so sick with her fake coughing and act like she didn't know my number (which she had and i put in her phone). because of her, I didn't make arrangments because i trusted her to come through. he said i should've known. i told him last i checked, i don't have psychic powers to deal with stupid idiots. he said i need to learn to driive so i won't be dependant on anyone. I take the bus, I'm just fine. I told him I refuse because car costs money. i had one for two years. it was a drain. he claims he understands because he has a job and mortgage, car note, etc. most of my money goes into my company and helping our ailing mother.
he don't fucking get it.
he kept trying to argue and i gave up and said whatever, give me a fucking drink. he won't listen and whatever I say he shoots down, like my opinons and feelings don't matter. then he had the nerve to say he got my back. yeah right fake ass fool. i dont matter to him unless it's something he wants. he said it's my fault I don't have friends. i told him i refuse to be around stupid people. he got offended because he thought i was caling him stupid. hell yea you're stupid marrying that bitch and want me to bend over backwards for her. i don't have to do shit. since she can't keep her goddamn word, i don't have to lift a finger. he says i owe her. i don't owe her shit. then he accused me of being selfish and acting like the world owes me something. i told him he's projecting because i don't give a damn about others and since i'm unimportant to her to keep a fucking appointment to get food for my family, then i don't have to care about her crackhead ass. i told him he was being impossible and refused to argue. he tried to make it sound i was being mean. i'm not. i just don't have time for foolishness. he tried to molest me again and i told him to take his drunk ass to bed. i'm sick of him too.

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... then you know I don't put in trigger.gif labels. Welcome inside my head. You've been warned.

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