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nothing working

Posted by whodatninja , 25 June 2014 · 168 views

5 days to get this project done and i'm not getting the results i want. this is really pissing me off. i want this to be my best, but that stupid client who refused to pay made me lose 2 weeks then another week was lost when the computers failed due to this godawful heat. >_< i don't want to be a failure. people already just smile and nod and say oh that's nice and pet me on the head like a stupid retarted child. i hate feeling worthless.

I hear you.

Your value lies within, not in what other people say.

I believe in you, in your work, your writing, your-self.

Jun 25 2014 03:47 PM

thanks :)

Most of the work that I do is on our own products. We do sometimes do contract work. Products that we will manufacture but only for that specific customer.


I have been at this company for 17 years. And most of our projects are always late and over budget. 


Don't beat yourself up over this. And don't worry about what those people that don't know what it takes to do a project, what they think. What the hell do they know. 

Jun 25 2014 07:21 PM

Heh, thanks Candu :) I just hate being late and over budget. Because when I go over budget I have to go in enforcer mode and threaten to break folks's knees to get paid >_< For the lateness, I blame lazy employees. I already fired just about everyone except idiot sister who needs a job (and to quell my mother). sigh...

pshaw I say BREAK THEIR KNEES....not really but dang it sounds like it might feel good lol. I envy you........I can turn my computer on and off but that is about the extent of my knowledge.

Jun 26 2014 03:18 AM
lolz yeah i went & got a degree working with computers since dad dint want me working on cars (better use of my skills he said). but getting screwed over isnt cool. folks think i have level 9000 wizard ability and expect fast results in like 3 hours. if i had a reliable team a complex project can be coded in 3 weeks. but im 1 person doing it in 3 days >_< i charge 30 hr and folks still say its expensive. im making less than outsourced to china or india o_o

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