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just shut up already

Posted by whodatninja , 07 May 2014 · 140 views

i couldn't enjoy my day today. all my sister did was bitch constantly. about the weather (too hot), how bored she was (she didn't have her headphones to listen to her shitty music), her boyfriend (he never has time for her), her friends (they always so busy), the bus (it's late broken down again), the temp on the bus (not cool enough), the temp in the venue (too cold). i told her several times to stop complaining. she kept on. it made it hard to enjoy the concert i paid tickets for. (she didn't pay her half as usual). then she had the nerve to ask me if i heard of the band before. because i don't like going out much don't make me totally stupid. why would i waste money on a band i never heard of before? obviously i heard of them and liked them because i got tickets. she said i didn't have their records and i'm like well, because i'm constantly paying for shit you break and for the bills. i don't have money to waste on beer and concerts and eating out and movies just 'having fun'. when she bugged me to go to the movies and go out for lunch and dinner, i ended up spending my damn money i didn't want to spend and now i'm behind on bills again. it's the same mantra i hear from her "i'm working on making money, i'll get a job" yeah, sleeping with dudes for money is not a job, shaneequa. ugh she pisses me off so much. she thinks life is about having fun and hoping to marry somebody rich so she don't have to work. it fucking disgusts me. i told her i'm not payin for anything else. if she wants her computer fixed, she'll find a way. im not helping her selfish ass out anymore. she keeps bugging and whining and crying about it but i'm through. i don't want to behind anymore.

"i told her i'm not payin for anything else"


That will be good for you and good for her.

May 07 2014 05:11 PM

she keeps bitching how she wants to move out. i'm trying as well, but she wants me to pay for everything. i told her i'm not living with her because she always wants to bring skeezy dudes over and i'm not down for that. last time her stuff got stolen. i offered to replace her stuff for her birthday. instead she goes out drinking and brings a new dude home with the money i gave her. stuff like that got me pissed off and i told her i had enough. she's getting too old to keep acting like a punk teenager. i'm trying to tie up the remaining loose ends. then i don't have to worry about any shit i keep getting from my so called family. as far as i'm concerned, they're just alien beings i happen to be stuck with

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