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Posted by whodatninja , 28 February 2014 · 107 views

i notice the paranoia is worsening and the hallucinations too. it sucks never knowing what day it is. I constantly have to check. this is why I watch the news. they let me know. I stay in my room but it's not safe there. they always bother me wanting to talk to me about stuff I don't care about but I have to pretend to care. why include me when think so ill of me? liars every last one of them. but I keep pretending. I won't win any awards though for such a fine performance. I keep pushing forward because I need to finish this grand scheme I have laid out. its not what you think! how dare you assume that about me? it doesn't involve explosions. I hate fire but I love grilling. how funny is that?


If you're reading this...

... then you know I don't put in trigger.gif labels. Welcome inside my head. You've been warned.

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