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obedient zombie

Posted by whodatninja , 23 February 2014 · 97 views

started the new drugs doctor prescribed and they finally got a combination that works. I really don't want to resign myself to erasure. I know once it fully kicks in i'll have that veneer of being happy but continue to have nightmares because of my feelings I shove down. hence I take a sleeping pill so I won't have to dream. the new sleeping pills work very well. I don't dream or sleepwalk. I sleep for 8 straight hours. I'm afraid. what is going to happen if I don't work out my problems? if I shove everything down with pills and never work on my issues something is going to happen and in a bad way. this fake happiness they're inflicting on me really scares me. Krishna help me why won't they listen?

If you're reading this...

... then you know I don't put in trigger.gif labels. Welcome inside my head. You've been warned.

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