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liver on full on hate mode

Posted by whodatninja , 22 February 2014 · 124 views

I'm sick as a dog and hiding in my room. i know i shouldn't be drinking. especially whiskey. but i don't want to deal with anyone or anything. crackhead D calling me looking for me because he wanted to hang out for his birthday. yeah it would've been nice to get drugs, but then he wanted to jump my bones, which i'm not down for. so on another hand, i'm glad i'm sick as fuck. and he can be mad all day. do not care. i'm tired of men using this body however they want and i have to mentally check out when they just roll up on me. i hate men. i really hate them and wish they didn't exist. i just need to fix this body and they will leave me alone. once it's fixed they'll stop because men are stupid animals and i don't understand why they drool over those body parts. i fucking hate them.


You deserve to be treated with respect. I am sorry so many people in your life abuse you and disrespect you.
Feb 23 2014 02:38 AM
thanks :)

If you're reading this...

... then you know I don't put in trigger.gif labels. Welcome inside my head. You've been warned.

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