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against the wall

Posted by whodatninja , 07 February 2014 · 87 views

went to dinner with VW at some chinese place. we got the wrong orders but i wanted to drink and i didn't care at this point. i wanted to stop hurting and stop thinking about it. but i was still cold and no matter how much wine i had, it wasn't enough. we called it in early cos we both had to clock in tomorrow for overtime. i got some new assignments i need to deal with and i need to sober up. CB called again and i bitched at him about bugging me about the money and how a shitty day i was having. he was hurt but explained that he wanted the money to call me more often because he knew i was having a hard time and apologised for not being there when i need to (he calls collect). so we got that straightened out. i told him to please call me more often, even if it's just to hear his voice for 10 minutes. he promised to call me every morning, he tends to call between 9 and 10. i really need that from him.
i'm still afraid about going to sleep tonight,  just the thought of it has my stomach in knots. i need to sleep so i can finish this project and send it in to the client. i have 2 days to get it done. i can't even think straight. krishna help me i need the strength.

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