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never drunk enough

Posted by whodatninja , 05 February 2014 · 51 views

Just finished this drink and wishin i had more booze. i'm blasting mj in my headphones and feeling conflicted. i hate to tell people that mj is my favorite artist evar cos then folks tend to blast me about his issues. i clamp my hands over my ears when they start. they don't understand why i like his music. it's the only safe thing i have and they want to destroy it. it's the only music i can listen to without feeling bad. it's the only music i have good memories attached to, especially my dad who was the only safe male figure i had in my life. i'm trying not to crawl under the bed hugging my knees and rocking because i can't get these feelings together and something i don't understand doesn't make sense. fuck i need another drink it's too much right now. calling it a night.

If you're reading this...

... then you know I don't put in trigger.gif labels. Welcome inside my head. You've been warned.

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