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get fierce and suit up

Posted by whodatninja , 27 June 2014 · 33 views

I had to shake down the idiot client who tried to ghost on me and refused to pay for the work I did. I scared him into compliance and he was impressed >_> ugh, I really hate dealing with men. i went to the bar afterwards and ran into an ex boyfriend who i couldn't remember from a can of paint. he molested me and i ran out of there. i'm sick of the...



Posted by whodatninja , 26 June 2014 · 26 views

im sick of busting my ass and idiot sister wanta to run off with the money drinking it all. we were supposed to get computer parts and put the little pay back into the company. she feels entitled to most of the money and thinks she deserves it for 'working hard'. uh no accordiing to the timesheets i put in the most hours avg 12 to her 4. she always talks...


nothing working

Posted by whodatninja , 25 June 2014 · 44 views

5 days to get this project done and i'm not getting the results i want. this is really pissing me off. i want this to be my best, but that stupid client who refused to pay made me lose 2 weeks then another week was lost when the computers failed due to this godawful heat. >_< i don't want to be a failure. people already just smile and nod and say...


overly critical

Posted by whodatninja , 24 June 2014 · 31 views

I want to punch my sister in the face. she's always critisicing me over every damn thing. i never do anything right according to her. washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cooking. i told her she can do it herself and shut up, but then im lazy if i don't do anything and stay in my room. it's too hot to be drinking again and my radio's broken so i can't t...


rather be left alone

Posted by whodatninja , 23 June 2014 · 32 views

i dont want to see those clowns today. i took my time getting up dressed and to the bus stop knowing my ass is hella late. i got that project to work on and its more important than being talked at like a drooling retard off thorazine. after that mess with CC and scores of other asshats i decided i am not dealing with another human being in person. im sick...


veering toward failure

Posted by whodatninja , 22 June 2014 · 42 views

this project isnt going well. its riddled with bugs at 80% and i got 9 fucking days to finish. of course idiot sister is lip service and diking on fb not helping at all and always with some complaint. my jaw hurts from clenching my teeth pretending to be nice.


keeping at arms length

Posted by whodatninja , 22 June 2014 · 21 views

i am never dating again. broke up with CC i swear she does stupid shit on purpose to drive me crazy. she threw out my clothes saying i didnt come back soon enough. the fuck! i now have a shitty job taking up my time and i cant call someone who dont have a phone. i told her she knew where i lived and had my number and she had the audacity to say i got a p...


dealing with idiots

Posted by whodatninja , 20 June 2014 · 38 views

i swear this assclown im stuck with must think im a special kind of stupid. she talks down to me always explaining things and treats me as if im retarted. i hate dealing with her. she talks too damn much and always over talks me. majority of the time im in her ofice rolling my eyes wishing she would shut up. she doesnt listen either. she thinks she has al...


worthless degree

Posted by whodatninja , 20 June 2014 · 29 views

im sick of struggling with clients in getting paid. i provided a service (creating websites) and i always have to fight for my money. i dont know if its because im in a female body or these punk ass fools never intended to pay and expect work for free but im no longer having it. after i wrassle this dickhead for the rest of my money im no longer dealing w...


big project

Posted by whodatninja , 16 June 2014 · 43 views

I got a mammonth project coming up due in 14 days. i can't skip any more sessions with the clowns or i'm looking at getting sent to state and never seeing daylight. but those 8 hours lost dealing with those asshats (going across town, sitting in session, destressing afterwards, then coming back is a full day) piss me off as i have to work harder to finish...

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