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college starts in a week

Posted by crazycatlover , 15 August 2014 · 162 views

I don't really know how to feel
I'm excited to meet all the other students
maybe I'll actually fall in love with a girl who also loves me -that would be pretty new for me
I don't know what to do about the girl from brain camp who kept calling things gay
I've pretty much given up on labels not only for my sexuality but for my gender
I want to be "out" but don't know what to tell people
I'm excited about taking college classes
I've met some of the professors at brain camp and they were pretty cool
I worry that I won't remember to do my work without my parents nagging me.
I worry about losing things like my key ,student id etc.
I worry that I'll die by my own hands before I'm finished
I still don't know if I can have sex without being triggered
I worry about all the people in my head
some of these things are normal worries some not so much
I know other people will drink alchohol but I don't think I want to
I hope they don't pressure me too much
I hope i make it

Ah congrats on the stepping stone by going to college. I rede my graduated and will admit, but this is my opinion, this but college was tough towards the end. I was so dang anxious to start working. I was surprised by some of the people I met in college -- but more surprised that I met people, including professors too, who like me for me. Plus, I was scared too of the whole partying scene and feeling pressured to drink and whatnot. But I actually felt myself distancing from the party people towards the end and stuck with people in my major. But have fun. Take it in. Keep in mind that college is tough on everyone for different reasons. And yes you will meet, both, amazing people and people you, perhaps, will not like too much. Best wishes!

Be with people that you truly like. Make friends with them and you have a better chance of them being long term friends. 

Mee too...except Im in my last semester. Dont worry you wont die. We will both make it ^_^

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