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I can't stop thinking about him tw for sui

Posted by crazycatlover , 31 July 2014 · 116 views

this is about a friend who died four years ago
I keep seeing his face in my mind
I keep wondering what was going through his mind that day when he took his own life
I never even knew he was in pain
he seemed so happy and popular
but I've learned that everything isn't always as it seems
Maybe if I knew, if someone knew how he was feeling he could have been saved
I wonder where he would be now if he was still alive
what college he would be going to
I don't know why I suddenly am sad about him
I wasn't really sad when he died
I don't know where he is now
his family seemed pretty convinced he is in heaven
according to dante he is in hell-he's a tree
he probably would have had a bright future in this world
I wish I could stalk him on facebook and find out all the cool things he is doing now
but he's gone and all I can do is wonder

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