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Posted by crazycatlover , in about my feelings 19 April 2014 · 176 views

I don't remember if easter is an anni for me but I know my cousin often came over around easter....I think the association with him has been enough to make the last few days triggering.easter is supposed to be about jesus supposedly rising from the dead......will I ever rise to a place where my abuse no longer hurts me? I still don't know what I believe religion wise.....I have a hard time believing it is possible for anyone to literally rise from the dead but In a metaphorical way it is definetly true-even now jesus still "lives" through his influence on so many people.  I don't want to offend the christians here so I guess I should stop talking about jesus..... but sometimes wonder if the pain will ever end if I will ever get off the metaphorical cross my cousin nailed me too.....

IM Sorry Easter Is Such A Hard Time For You :( I Believe You Will Rise from All Of This One Day. I Believe You Are One Step AT A Time. With Much Care, Stay Strong ~Samara
I don't think you would offend anyone with what you've said about Jesus. In fact I think you've said some things about it all really well!

And the stuff you said about the metaphorical cross makes me think of something I never thought of before to do with the people who nailed Jesus to the cross (and certainly my brother and perhaps your cousin). I might write it on my blog (because otherwise I'll go on too much here). Anyway, thanks for the insight.

I believe in an end to pain, although I'm in a bad place about it right now myself.

Thinking of you. Very gentle :hug: if ok.

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