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report from the new T

Posted by crazycatlover , in about my abuse 26 March 2014 · 91 views

I don't know what I think about her. she talks to me in that tone of voice like I'm a little kid....I can't imagine being close to her like I am to my other T....I was okay with talking about what happened to me but when she was starting to get into the area of relationships and I should have told her I like girls I froze up and couldn't....

 but I am doubting I will be able to show her the real me -the one who curses and needs to curse sometimes ,who gets angry sad scared and everything else,the one I hide from most of the world. She'll have to be pretty awesome if she wants to see the real me.....



Maybe you should show her some the other rest of you. Tell her that you are not a kid and talk to you as an adult.


I have never spoken crudely to my therapist because there has not been a reason to. All but one time has she always been kind and understanding. Sensitive but never condescending. One time she did shock me with what she said. It wasn't the kind and understanding T that I knew. I forget exactly what it was (half a year ago) but it was kind of like having a bucket of water thrown on me. It was exactly what I needed. 


So while she comes across as Kind, supportive, nice, I see that she will also do what she feels she needs to do. And I have no doubt that she would swear, rant and rave, if that was what I would need. 


What I would do if my therapist (or anyone) started talking to me that way, as if to a child, I would tell them that is irritating and not helpful. 


And any therapist that is working with people with out backgrounds better not be squeamish about our sexual orientation or quirks. If she can't take the heat then she should get out of the kitchen.


There is nothing wrong with you liking girls. Hell, I even like them. :)

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