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my parents: good and bad

Posted by crazycatlover , in about my feelings 18 March 2014 · 94 views

good things about my parents: they've taken care of me since I was a baby
they believed me when I told them what my cousin did
they tried to protect me from my cousin but obvoiusly couldn't -which is probably the only reason he never raped me
they got me the help I needed with my aspergers
most of the time I feel like there doing their best to help me heal -sometimes I think about how hard it must be for them to watch me go through this and feel bad for them
bad things about my parents
they never seem to really understand my problems lately
they know things I wish they didn't like that I sometimes masturbate-though I guess that's sort of my fault
they ask me too many questions
they seem to think it's my fault I'm still upset about my abuse
they lecture me about talking to other people and answering their questions
they still think they can make me do things

First, it's not your fault your parents know you masturbate (and yes, I did read your post where you said you touched yourself in public).  I'm not a parent- but I'd have a hard time thinking of a young adult and saying "gee they don't masturbate."   That's just because masturbation is normal and healthy.   I think the big difference here for you is that your parents talk to you about it.    It sounds like your parents really value knowing how you feel and, as awkward as many of those conversations may be, and as irritating as it is to been a teenager and actually have to talk to your parents, try to think of it as a sign of how much they love you. 


They LOVE you enough to ask how you are doing.  They LOVE you enough and value you as a person who deserve gentle care and affection to GET OVER how awkward asking questions can be and do it anyways.   I mean- there are tons of books written  on having hard conversations because doing that is really really really hard and something that a lot of people struggle with.  But they find a way to talk to you and ask you stuff because they care.  


That's some kick ass love.  

Mar 18 2014 03:42 PM

I guess so nebulas they love me in their own crazy way....something ridiculous just happened with my dad he was trying to get me to eat more because I've been losing weight and I cried a little (i haven't really cried this whole time dealing with the abuse though I've often wished I could) an now I actually feel better..I joked with my dad that he needs to micromanage my eating more often...

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