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Posted by hepless , 08 January 2014 · 139 views

today I went to the dr to get some anxiety meds as my coping is out of control, I have 8-14 Anxiety attacks a day, I was on then many many yrs ago. so I go tell him some crap has come up and having bad attacks and i use to be on it yrs ago and would like to get some meds just for short term. He says I need to tell him y or he cant help me, so of course I go in to an attack just say I was assulted. As i feel like I have spoke enough with ppl aboyt thus I wished not to go over it again, anyways he gives me something. so the day goes on my husbands upset that I havent come to terms with reporting it yet, saya wants to see the bastard go to jail or sonething.    I feel like I have been moving forward at a good pace, I came on here, I talked online to a rape crisses center, went to public health for std tests, and went to d
r of and spoke to the nurse yesterday and felt good.Anyways he starts writing do the event of the evening of the nasty text he sent but not I that responed but 1 of the two males that were there and as hes doing this starts to second guess ne like he bascial drove me to stay there and to do it, I feel angry that he thinks that.. How do I get past how i feel about this.I wanted to send a letter to the crisses center or the police as im not ready yet to face more ppl or telling it again to someones face, i figured if i did it this way if this guy has been reported before they can lookit up and contact us to move forward. am I being stupid thinking of doing it, my husband says it is and wants me just to go face to face. im already tired opening upso much just in past few days. Help

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