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Day 47 Happy Thoughts (Crazy Awesome Dog and 'Crazy on You')

Posted by intrepidshe , in Happy Things 26 January 2014 · 82 views

Jan. 26, 2014 (Countdown: 4 days to gynecologist consultation):
Today I had a great laugh at the expense of our crazy awesome dog. He's very loving and seems like he wouldn't be a good guard dog because of how much he likes everyone he meets. He just wants everyone to pet him and play fetch. I have often wondered what he would do if really confronted by a stranger in the house or if someone was threatening one of us. (Happily nothing like that has ever happened in our house.)
This afternoon I got up from my computer to switch the laundry. He was downstairs with the rest of the family (all in the man cave gaming out). My footsteps got him barking, which is not unusual. He typically announces sudden movements in the house or outside nearby. He barks a few times and settles down. As I approached the stairs I decided to stomp and growl as loudly and deeply as I could. I figured he would recognize that I was the source of the sound and come bounding up to say hi, as he always does.
Instead, our gentle, loving, happy-go-lucky, pet-me-play-fetch-with-me, dog turned into an intimidating guard dog. I heard the deepest, loudest snarling come from this dog, like nothing he's every done before. I realized right away that he didn't know who was making the sound and he was prepared to protect his people. I stopped immediately and called out to him to let him know it was just me. He came tentatively around the corner and sidled up to me with his head down.
Poor guy. I scared him. I didn't mean to scare him.
I have to confess I laughed for about 20 minutes afterward because it was so surprising to hear that sound come out of our dog. And, I was really pleased to see he does have a protective side. But, I realize that's not something to take lightly or play with. He's a big dog and could do a lot of damage if he ever went after someone.
Anyway, that's my happy thought today. That we have a wonderful, loving, playful, gentle dog who would protect us if the need arose.
This makes me think tangentially of the song "Dog and Butterfly" by Heart:
"Ann Wilson is a uniquely great vocal force of nature."

I have loved this band for most of my life. I'm thrilled they were inducted in the R&R Hall of Fame last October. Their speeches at that ceremony call forth many of the messages that keep my feet moving.
Here they perform Crazy on You 11:26 into the video.

LOL. I should really read the entire post before posting. Got to "I have often wondered what he would do if really confronted by a stranger in the house" and posted the following,


If you were scared of someone, your dog would immediately get tough and loud and aggressive, no question. Protecting the pack is a powerful instinct. 


Seems I was right!

Apr 10 2014 05:48 PM
Hee hee, Mac. Right you were!

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