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Day 42 Healing Work (Through the Mud)

Posted by intrepidshe , in Healing Work 21 January 2014 · 104 views

Jan. 21, 2014 (Countdown: 9 days to gynecologist consultation):
Every day I take a step. It doesn't always feel like it, though. A step might be a matter of pulling my foot out of the mud, retrieving my shoe from the mud (because it came off as I pulled my foot out), returning the soggy shoe to my foot, and then pressing my foot back into the mud a few inches ahead of the other foot.
I imagine a long, winding path through many varying landscapes behind me, some forest, some oceanic coastline, some desert.
I imagine I am now in a glade, in a verdant forest after a rainstorm. The mud is six inches deep, but the air is alive around me. It is comfortably warm and steam is rising from the forest floor through the plants and the trees. I struggle for each step, steam also rising from me in the form of sweat. My muscles burn and I have to stop for water every few steps.
I need to get across this glade and see what lies beyond.

It may take some time, but you'll get across the glade. If I need to help you, I will.
Jan 22 2014 08:31 PM

You do help me Sue. You definitely do.

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