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I hope he dies....I have no sympathy

Posted by Littlewing , 27 June 2014 · 122 views

Yes. He helped me get to where I am. I am no longer working as an escort.
He supported me until I got a job in another town. He moved me there. Then he left me.
At first I was sad, but also ecstatic I have a life now.
I hate him though. At first I thought I owed him everything......and I still do. I didn't let him being a "customer" all this time put me off loving him.
He was a father figure to me. My own father I hate.
But now, I wish Tk was dead. He is scary. He is creepy. He has done so much, but he is such a scary, creepy, perverted character that I wish he were dead. So there would no potential for him to hurt anyone. To hurt a girl. He is pretty creepy. I just ignored that while I was getting my immediate needs met.
But to have lived with man like that forever, I am glad that he is gone. I just could not hide the fact that he was creepy. I just hope he never gets the chance to assault/molest anyone. That is my greatest fear. He reminds me of creepy dad.....who knows, he could be worse. I would not put it past him. 
He.......he has perverted tastes. I wish he were dead. I know he has done a lot of great in his life, but he has a lot of potential for evil. Like everyone else. But he is weird. Just believe me.
If he were dead, there would be no potential for his perverted, creepy ways to blossom into something worse, if they haven't already. He gives the creepiest looks to really young girls. Just like dad.
Oh Tk, just hurry up and die already. We all know you're evil. Why is your life worth more than some innocent person.......yeah you're damaged. So is my dad. We are still responsible. You just don't have a conscience anymore. Not enough to seek help.
I think there is a great possibility for him just to keep on getting creepier. So, yeah I wish he were dead.
Half of me is like........he saved me. I love him.
There other half of me thinks........how on earth were you able to ignore his loathsome qualities?
Die creepy ex! Before you get the chance to scar someone forever. I hope something prevents this...

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