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Calmed By My Triggerers

Posted by anelisa , in Anxiety 25 April 2014 · 73 views

Yesterday I walked into the elevator. I was alone.
Just as the doors started to close, an arm came through the door and three large (as in tall and muscular) guys came into the elevator. Immediately they started pushing one another, laughing, cursing, they even pushed one kid out of the elevator. He then forced his way back in. 
I pressed myself into the corner of the elevator. I was very anxious. I couldn't breathe. t felt like vomiting. 
We were still on the ground floor.
They continued to push each other and horse around.
As the elevator began to move, I fell forward from my corner and they all turned to me.
Apparently they hadn't even noticed I was in the elevator.
The smallest of the three told me his name and that he was sorry for the horseplay.
He asked my name and commented on its unusualness, but that he liked it.
We stopped on their floor, they all told me goodbye and to have a nice day.
I felt like all the pressure evaporated.

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