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Dream 1/14/14

Posted by anelisa , 14 January 2014 · 112 views

Today I've been sick.
I slept almost all day.
I wake up. I see a ceiling unfamiliar to me. I'm lying in a bed with poofy white blankets and nice fluffy white pillows. The room is clean and feels fresh. On the other side of the bed is my current boyfriend. Fast asleep. He looks older. I scoot across the bed to snuggle up to him, but there's something in the way. I lift up the blanket and there's a sleeping little boy. Maybe 3 years old. He looks just like my boyfriend. He opens his eyes. They're big and blue. He smiles at me and cuddles up to me. That's when my boyfriend wakes up. He scoots across the bed towards the little boy and me and squeezes me with the little boy between us. The little boy screams and giggles.
I wake up for real.
I feel refreshed.
It's so nice to have a wonderful dream after having nightmares for the past semester.
It makes my heart feel full.
I look forward to the future.

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