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Posted by anelisa , in Family Issues 23 December 2013 · 145 views

I'm currently in a very happy relationship with a boy I met in high school.
We've been together almost 2 years now.
But before him, I was dating a guy that wasn't so great.
He was 3 years older than me.
He used to do drugs.
He drank a lot.
He cheated on me.
He hid it all from me.
I thought he was an angel.
The angel facade was destroyed when he started to pick on my weight.
He told me I was 'getting pudgy' and he doesn't date 'fat girls'.
I began to starve myself.
First I'd skip a meal here or there.
Then I'd go without eating a day or two in a row.
Then it got bad.
For 15 days I did not eat.
In a matter of a month and a half, I had lost 40 pounds.
One day, I passed out and hit my head. 
I was hospitalized for a week.
He didn't visit me.
While I was in the hospital, he cheated on me and taunted me about it.
He drove me crazy.
We're not  on good terms.
Yet my grandma wants me to call him and ask him what he wants for Christmas because she wants to get him a few gifts.
We haven't been together in years.
We don't talk.
I tried to explain this to my grandma, about how I'm not comfortable with it, but she got upset and insisted that I get his 'Christmas wishes'.

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