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The night it happened.

Posted by Stronger20 , 24 November 2013 · 143 views

Im not gonna go into much detail at this time as it just happened this last Thursday. 
But me and my Current boyfriend had gotten into a fight. and The guy i trusted to talk about that fight was my ex boyfriend who i thought we ended on good terms. 
That night when i went to go visit him he got in my car and thats when IT happened. I went to the ER after and got a rape kit done but in my mind we use to be dating so idk if i would have the guts to press actual charges on him to the police. i mean right now its a third party anon report. 
Since it happened ive only told my older sis, and my boyfriend. My boyfriend has been really supportive but i keep feeling like its my fault and that if i never started a fight with him then that night would have never happend to me. 
I keep having nightmares about it. and I keep thinking about it... 
I went to AT&T and the girl blocked his number so he cant text or call me but then he just did from his friends phone... 

I'm sorry you experienced this :( . I hope you manage to overcome the feeling that it's your fault. We humans are way too good at looking through chains of events and saying, "if I hadn't done this thing here, it wouldn't have happened", but remember that he made a conscious choice to do this to you, and the responsibility and fault lies solely with him.


I'm glad you got a rape kit done, and that you have people you've been able to open up to. I hope you find this place supportive, too. Best wishes to you.

Thank you very much Tillit. 

I am also glad that you had the rape kit done.  I refused, and wished I hadn't.  They told me I might want to use it in the future.  I didn't care.  I empathize with you, and I'm sending you comfort and assurance.



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