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Madder than a Hatter, but Twice as Fun

Posted by vakry , 02 December 2013 · 207 views

"My favorite movie is Spiderman 2. The scene on the train where his identity is revealed and everyone agrees not to tell."
"I pulled myself out of the darkness. I can do it again."
"I decided I want to be the light. When alone in the dark... be your own light."
"I'm unique and ppl seem to like me at my worst... so that's something. If they don't then they do not deserve me at my best."
"I'm madder than a hatter but twice as fun!"
"I will get my life back and enjoy the **** out of it!"
"Don't think of it like a secret. Think of it as a personal struggle in which you are not ready to share or just not ready to share with certain people."
"The time is different for everyone. But it is possible. I need that to be known you can heal. You are starting to already. It doesn't seem like it because healing can be nasty. It's like putting rubbing alcohol on a wound at first it will hurt and fester, but it will get better. I am starting to believe that. Really believe. I have bad days still and struggles. But I do have hope."
Words: derpy shark and effervescing (personal jokes but very uplifting for me)
See I can come up with gems. Lol I have actually said this stuff. I'm in a very dark place, but I am going to crawl myself out. I was here before. I do not remember how I got out of it or if I ever really did. But I can come out of it now.
Begone darkness you have no power here!
-slight trigger for references nothing graphic-
Begone uncle you have no power over me!
I said his name. I will keep saying it. It will not hold power over me. It will be just a name. Just something that referred to man. It is his sickness. It is his shame. It was not my fault. I did not ask for it. I release myself and I have my power back.
Begone those I have called Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. You hold no power here. It is my power.
Begone sister I have my power back.
And I am pissed. Don't **** with me.
I am me. Begone the labels. Begone the stigmas. Begone the hypocrisy that is known as society. I am me. Accept me as who I am or bugger off!

I really like this I can feel your strength. :) Mandy
:) Thank you.

I'll keep adding more quotes as I find them.... lol I'm doing it to feel better about myself and remind myself of things.

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