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Working harder actually makes it worse?

Posted by SilverandBlue , 21 August 2014 · 150 views

I've been working very hard to bring my blood sugar in control. I'm a terrible diabetic, and am trying to improve. Even with an insulin pump, I forget to do my shots. Blood tests? I always forget. I'm doing better though! My average BG is coming down!
But that means that I feel like crap with even a slightly elevated sugar level. I get sick with a BG of 200, whereas before I could go to 500 and feel fine. This is good, just frustrating.
Well yesterday in T I was almost 600. Needless to say I was out of it, crabby and just in a bad mood. She asked when next week I wanted to come in, I said I didn't want to come in next week, she pretended not to hear. So I said I couldn't come in next week, and she scheduled me for 2 weeks out. Seemed grumpy about it, as though I need to come in next week. But I can't afford it, so I don't want to!
I felt like we had argued, or something. I left without either of us saying much. Usually she says bye and hang in there, see you next week and almost always uses some cutesy term of endearment, such as kiddo or hon or something.
Not this time! Just a bye. And I didn't even care. I wasn't mad, just blah and didn't care. Usually I ask for a hug and say thank you and bye but I didn't either. It just feels weird now. And now her phone doesn't work. Yay.

I'm glad your blood sugar is better, but that does sound frustrating. I'm sure you can work it out with your T. Sounds like it was just a bad day. I'm sorry it happened though, that sounds very frustrating.

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