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Posted by SilverandBlue , 31 July 2014 · 129 views

Everything is happening all at once! It feels like my world is imploding and someone must really hate me.
Insurance again will not cover T. They let me go 9 sessions with her, where I only paid the copay. Then sent her notice that she isn't in network. When she was just a couple months ago!!
So I am responsible for the bill for 9 appts. Woohoo. T is not evil and not making me pay all at once, but how the crap am I supposed to continue seeing her ( paying full rate) and pay off an over $1000 debt??
Again, I have a lovely T, and she has other patients with the same insurance as I, and realizes I'm on a limited income. Plan for now is just to pay what I can each appt. And maybe spread appts out with phone call or email check in's between appts. That could work pretty well.
On top of that, I have a bill from my medical supplies company that they just decided to hit me with! And I have a stupid accident from October still not straightened out. Other driver refuses to settle unless all the fault is on me. Which it isn't and both insurance companies agree with me. He was stopped in my lane, facing me. It was an incoming traffic lane. And he thinks it was completely my fault?!
Anniversary of my aunt's death is coming up. She commited SUI, which makes it a whole lot worse than if she had just passed of natural causes or an accident. I sobbed most of my session with T today, and the whole way home from work. I am an emotional basket case right now and feel like I can't bother T too much because I can barely afford 2 appts a month with her and don't want to give her more work than I'm paying for.

Going to try and sleep now. ( ha! Good luck on that front! )

That sounds truly waffle. I'm so sorry have to deal with this. I'm glad you still be able to see your T But that really stinks. It sounds like you got hit all at once. That must be so painful for you. I hope you can get some peaceful sleep and sweet dreams.

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