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Physical pain

Posted by SilverandBlue , 21 July 2014 · 162 views

I have a leg length discrepancy of an inch, my bones on one side either stopped growing too early or didn't grow fast enough it my grown plates were damaged. Either way, it leaves the same thing. PAIN. Imagine being constantly on a slant. One hip is higher than the other, my spine has started to curve already and I'm only 19!

I have a physical therapist, and special shoes which help.
But then, my danskos decided to knock me sideways and twist the holy crap out of my foot. 3 times. So PT says to stop wearing the danskos as I have incredibly loose joints and will sprain again if I keep wearing them. So I have only my tennies to wear that are lifted and I don't wear them every day. My back and hips are crying for mercy again. And I can NOT get ahold of my PT! I am feeling the pain from my feet to my neck, and it's also giving me serious migraines now.

So let me get this all straight. Physically, my whole body is twisted and tilted and loose. I am psycho crazy and have a dead pancreas floating around somewhere inside me ( type 1 diabetes). I really am screwed up from the inside out!
So needless to say I am also grumpy, prone to sobbing fits and wanting to call my T SO badly. But I cannot. This will all have to wait until my appointment on Thursday. If I'm still alive.

 This all makes me feel like I have nothing to bitch about. That sucks. I wish I had a nicer way of saying it. I certainly can't think of anything to say that would help. I'm thinking of science fiction, humans in outer space. Where you didn't have gravity to deal with. Maybe that would be where you could be without pain. Of course it would have to be a decent structure, large, so there would be enough there to want to live there.



Jul 21 2014 11:52 AM
Ooh, a zero gravity house to live in would be so great! I finally caved and texted T asking for an earlier appointment... Hopefully she has something open on Wednesday

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