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Lithium and pillows

Posted by SilverandBlue , 18 July 2014 · 131 views

That's what I took away from today's session with T. Lithium and pillows. It sounds odd, so I will try to explain. It was mostly a good session today.

See, T has another patient that apparently has the same behavior pattern as I. Extreme anxiety about specific things, horrible memory, always losing things, always getting traffic tickets and into accidents. Not bipolar or outright anxiety disorder but PTSD symptoms mixed with horrible mood swings that follow no pattern or rhyme.
This patient has a naturopath who suggested her lithium levels were low, and that was the issue. T decided whatever, it won't hurt. Apparently now this patient is doing wonderfully, and won't be needing T much longer! Her lithium levels indeed were low. Almost zero I believe.

So T wants me to get my levels tested and such. Begging be practically.

And the pillows. Well see, I told T that on Tuesday night, I randomly could smell her. I'm talking her scent. I could smell it even though I was not in her office, freshly showered and in clean clothes. It was so, so weird. A fellow pandys member suggested it was a subconscious way of calming down as I associate her scent with safety and comfort. Possible, definitely possible.

Oops, back to the pillows. So I told her about my association to smells, and later on on the session, as I had forgotten my stuffed dog, I was curled around one of her pillows. It had a different smell than her couch and I asked why. Turns out the pillows are from her upstairs couch. Which makes me want to make her a couple of pillows so she can have her own couch pillows down there. Maybe I will!

I know, I know. Why did these stick out in my mind? I have no idea. They just did. My brain is weird.

Jul 18 2014 07:38 PM

I hope the lithium test provides helpful information. Sounds promising!


I don't know about making couch pillows. I have the impression our T's are supposed to accept such gifts. But, I don't know. It sounds like a kind gesture to me.

I hope the lithium levels help you. It would be great if the right medication worked for you. I don't think your brain is weird at all.

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