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Posted by SilverandBlue , 03 May 2014 · 98 views

I got lucky and was able to have T 2 weeks in a row! Lately it seems all my appointments have been going in a certain pattern: I get there, and we do the idle chit chat thing for the first 15-20 minutes, then I lapse into silence, and drift away where nobody can get to me. She always ends up sitting next to me on the couch, even before I start to go downhill sometimes.
Seriously, I love that she knows not to sit too close, or touch me unless I either ask or I'm panicking.
Anyway, today I had a really hard time pulling myself out of my little world, harder than usual. She had gone back to her chair as it was the last 15 minutes, but noticed that I was still not fully back and came back.
She wanted me to come in next week, but alas, my bank account will not cooperate!
I also have been looking into lithium with my naturopath, it has been shown to help not only bipolar, but energy levels, anxiety, and adrenal and pancreatic function. If my levels are low, that could be the reason for my spastic moods and only mild anxiety. 😄😄😄

Hopefully it will help, I have been so spacey and crazy this week, I'm driving my family nuts!

I to get very spacey that it drives my partner nuts.

hi silver and blue,

just read your blog right through. It is inspiring. Keep going.



May 04 2014 03:00 PM
Thank you for the kind comment macgyver, I'm glad my blogging is being read 😊

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