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Therapy tomorrow. What am I going to do?

Posted by SilverandBlue , 17 April 2014 · 220 views

Should I cancel? Fake an illness? Pretend I completely forgot?
No. I have to go. I MUST go. I have way too much on my mind not to go. I know I will go bonkers if I don't go. And I will feel so bad for flaking. Because she would totally believe me if I said I was sick, she's that nice.
But, HOW am I going to settle myself down enough to be coherent? I'm just imagining how things will go tomorrow:
T: So, it's ben 2 weeks. How are you? How have you been doing?
Me:....What...? Could you repeat that?
That's how it's going to start. I just know it. Or I will be so jittery and bouncy she will have to hold me down. Either way, not a favorable image.
And to think, I work till 10pm tonight. I won't be home till 11. And T is in the morning. Woot.

Yey for you for knowing that you will go. Cannot empathise enough with desire to skip, and the sheer tension just at the thought of going but hey, you'll get to spend an hour with someone who's 'that nice'. Sounds like there could be some good in that ;)

Hope work doesn't tire you too much. Good luck for Tm, riding alongside if you need.

Yay for recognising resistance! I - like Q- completely empathise with this feeling. I have learnt that it generally means I really must go. It's hard, but so worth it. Tgc, Mand.

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