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I have never been afraid of the Dentist. Or the Doctor!

Posted by SilverandBlue , 27 March 2014 · 48 views

I had a 2 hour long dentist appointment today. I know, I know, it's pathetic for a 19 year old to need a crown. But hey, better than a root canal. Or, maybe not actually. At least with a root canal they knock you out completely. With a crown, they just novocaine the crap out of half your face and so you sit there feling the vibrations of each drill. and the smells, sounds and sights are all there.
There is no pain, really. But the vibrations, sounds and smells are almost as bad! I had to close my eyes, and remind myself over and over to relax, and every so often I went through and relaxed every part of my body. It helped. I wasn't as anxious, and closing my eyes blocked the bright light and seeing all the tools.
I think this was my first time being terrified for the dentist. I never was growing up, I have a spectacular dentist. Actually, he is the only male medical provider I have ever seen, and I am totally comfy with him. But I was curled around my favorite stuffed dog before my appt at home. I did not want to go, and had no real reason. I just didn't want to deal with the total sensory overload, I think.
Anyway, now I am home, terrified to put anything but tootpaste or water in my mouth for fear of an infection (I only have a temp crown, the permanent one will be put in in 2 weeks) and getting so irritated by this odd tooth in my mouth. The texture is all wrong, and the difference is so irritating I want to yank it out. And I am in PAIN. Oh my gosh, it hurts. The novocaine has worn off, and my gums hurt so bad! I spent about 15 minutes cleaning my mouth. Brushing with a special super soft brush the dentist gave me, flossing obsessively, and doing saltwater rinses to prevent infection. And SO much blood came out. My poor gums are not used to this. Truth be told, I don't floss enough anyway. I forget to. I brush, I brush every day. But always forget to floss properly. Hence the need for a crown. Stupid cavities.
I need an ibuprofen. I really need one. But I can't swallow pills without something carbonated. I've tried plain water, and suceeded in half drowning myself and not getting the pill down. But I'm terrified to drink anything but straight water! Or eat! Because I don't want to gunk up my teeth!
Aghhh, just shoot me now. I'm gonna go to bed, get some sleep and hope I don't melt down on T tomorrow.

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