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Sunshine and Volleyballs

Posted by SilverandBlue , 23 March 2014 · 36 views

The weather was GORGEOUS today. So I went with a group of friends to a park to play some volleyball and frisbee. There were maybe 40 of us there, all wandering around and throwing frisbees, volleyballs and footballs around. It was the first volleyball day of the season, and volleyball is popular within the group I hang out with. (I am blessed to have many close friends and even much, much more people that I may not be friends with, but am on friendly terms with, we hang out in the same group and chat on occasion) Anyway, it was a grand time, playing ball, tossing the frisbee, going to get coffee... I almost went an entire day of positive energy and positive thought. Almost. I will not dwell on that though, I will continue this good day into tomorrow and make lots of cookies, cupcakes, and other assorted good foods.
I admit, a bit of spacing. I am still unable to react properly when I am looked at by guys driving past, and still panic walking past a group of guys, so much that I will go a mile out of my way to avoid it.
I wore a dress to church this morning, with my very favorite heels. A very pretty, pale pink chiffon with black lace detailing. Hits about 3 inches above my knee, and very modest up top as well. The kind of dress I like to wear. I wore it out to lunch with my friends as well, and a guy I passed turned to look at me, and when I passed him again to use the restroom, he smiled at me. I was instantly in freakout mode. He probably wasn't being creepy, as my friend pointed out. She said : "blue, you look very pretty and feminine in that dress. Not skanky or gross, but just pretty, decent and feminine. He was admiring that, not after you". She was probably right, but I still felt so gross and changed into my other clothes as soon as possible.
-sigh- I half wish I could wear pretty dresses without fearing others looking at me. But for now I will just have to pace myself. Get used to the idea that modest dresses are okay and fun to wear. 
I have a lot to work on this week, that's for sure

Seeing a pretty girl in a pretty and modest dress does make me smile. It's one of the best things about spring.


When I was single if I was bold enough to smile at a well-turned out girl, I'd be hoping at the most for a smile back and it would make my day.


To me, these beautiful creatures were the ones with all the power. I never dared to look too long in case they saw me looking and rejected me.

I encourage you, be bold. Look people in the eye.


If they mean well you can smile or nod in acknowledgement, if they actually are being creepy then you have the power to stare them down, because they are in the wrong.


It is great to hear that you can enjoy wearing things that make you happy. Don't let anyone, past, present or future, take that away from you.


All the best on your journey.

Mar 24 2014 12:01 PM

Thank you Macgyver!

I will continue to try. It's hard to shut down that initial reaction, beause afterward, I always kick myself for being such a brat.

It's good to hear the perspective of a guy, thank you:)

I think it's awesome that even with those fears you are still out there living.  Experiencing.  Wearing a dress that you like! I hope that you recognize those as some amazing accomplishments in themselves. 

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