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Medical Professionals

Posted by SilverandBlue , 11 February 2014 · 71 views

It seems that the new "professional" is now "casual". I have seen a lot of doctors and counselors and nurses in my life. Some good, some bad, some awesome. Somehow though, all my current doctors and such are all such casual people. Let's see about some examples:
My endo: First appointment, asked all about me and my life. I told her (same first appt!) that I had been SA'd in elementary school because she asked why I was in therapy (I don't have time to explain how she knew that, too). She asked if I was then a lesbian. I started laughing so hard I thought I would die! he was not at all put of by it, and just shrugged, and said "well, sometimes that happens, doesn't matter either way". Googled the trade I work in because she didn't know much about it. and basically got my life story in an hour. (needless to say, our appointment went overthe allotted 20 minutes.
Next appointment: saw almost instantly that I was having a bad day and asked about it. I told her the truth: I was having trouble coping and apologized and said that I would try my best to pay attention to her advice and instruction regarding my diabetes. She said "I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do to make it easier?"  This is the SECOND appointment. and I felt comfortable telling her that I was having trouble coping when she asked. My mom was horrified that she was so pesonal and so "unprofessional". In her mind, the doctor sits and listens, then troubleshoots with the patient and prescribes medication. No small talk allowed. Um, yeah mom. I'm going to be seeing this endo the REST OF MY LIFE. I need to have a bond with her besides the fact that she knows diabetes and I have diabetes.
Case#2, My GP: Gives me a hug as I leave, calls me sweetheart, hon, darling and dear. I am very comfy with her, and she is the only one allowed to EVER examine me. I never do the walk-in because I'm terrified of getting a male doctor. Oh,and I email both my GP and endo when need be.and they email back!
PT: basically poured her heart out to me. Seriously, we had lots of conversations about her trauma and current therapy experiences as well as mine. She got a christmas card this year and was so happy to be remembered :) She knows my story, I know hers. She worries about my driving abilities, and makes jokes about staying off the road if I'm on it. Calls me all worried when we get snow and ice on the road and asks if I'm driving.
Homeopath: Yes, I am one of those. I see a naturopathic doctor to help with mood swings, depression, etc. Told me that I am not allowed to have sugar,hello I am a diabetic! Follows up every 2 weeks after re-dosing on my remedy, which I don't even know the name of, because she knows full well that if she tells me what it is, I will go and google it and panic and it could impact how well it works. Says that she would just love it if I came in for a follow up, and is genuinely thrilled when I do come in. She knows I'm going through a rough patch and WANTS me to come in and wants to hear all about it.
And lastly,My Therapist: If you know me at all, have read any of my posts or blog entries, you know I am very attached and pathtically grateful to my T. She is my saviour. Shared her survivor status with me. Tells me stories about her kids when I need a diatraction. Works out of her home. Gets upset for me when I share a particularly sketchy part of the story. In short, she is the most patient, caring and just plain lovely person I have met.
And to compare, I have also had doctors say almost nothing to me except "you're good, I'm done here" and be very disattached. Tell me to take my shirt off to do an exam, and just poke and prod me. I leave feeling miserable and cold. I had a (one time) therapist that sat there completely emotionless until the end,and then asked for payment. I have had endos that could care less what I do in my spare time, they just care that my A1c is over 10, and that is not ok, you are doing something seriously wrong and are such a bad girl with bad parents.
So when people think that there needs to be a huge chasm between doctor and patient, I ask why? Why distance yourself so much? All my providers are caring, trusted, kind and PROFESSIONAL people. They do not touch me without permission, but when they have to and their hands are cold, they apologize profusely. they ask if it's ok that they want some information, and genuinely will not care if I decide it's just too personal. They take that extra effort to see that each patient feels safe, well cared for and heard. And stay professional! Imagine! It's possible to share very personal information and still stay professional!

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