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What a weekend....Glad it's over

Posted by SilverandBlue , 03 February 2014 · 180 views

Whew. T on Thursday, which was an epic DISASTER. Which messed up the rest of the weekend. I might have actually been fine, if my boyfriend had not been out of town for the weekend! Somehow, he can always calm me down when something like that happens. He is the only one out of the male gender that I trust completely.
At least my therapist called back yesterday finally. I felt bad, but I really needed to talk to her already and called her not even an hour after my appointment. When she didn't call back, I decided "Sunday or not, I'm calling again' and she called back within hours :) She felt so bad for not responding to my original call, but I was over being annoyed at that by then.
So at least the tail end of my weekend was ok. The seahawks won, or should I say COMPLETELY ANNIHILATED the broncos. I'm pretty sure peyton was crying. Seriously, that was such a pathetic game! Come on broncos, I know we are amazing and all, but at least try!
Yeah, sorry for rambling and stuff. I just wanted to vent and get it out before I explode :)

Vent away!!

LOL, that wasn't a game. That was a massacre. Glad your team was the one that won.


I'm sorry, you felt so bad with your boyfriend out of town and all. Hope today was a better day for you.

Feb 04 2014 09:11 PM

I almost wished for the broncos to win, just because 12th man is SO obnoxious, but I'm still happy :)


Today has been better, thanks :) When my boyfriend found out what a bad weekend I had he decided I needed a giant stuffed dog :) he knows me too well. 

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