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Randomly amazing day

Posted by SilverandBlue , 16 January 2014 · 141 views

I had an extremely busy day today, babysat till 1, went to T till 3, and then had to go get x rays done, which took me 3 HOURS. My therapy appointment was such a random, very productive hour. T took out the DSM and read the criteria for bipolar 1 and 2, to help me decide for myself what I think. I definitely am not bipolar 1, that much is sure. Am I bipolar 2 is the question. She has been amazing about helping me figure out what is causing my spastic moods. Whether it's normal or not, and how to avoid them. We talked about what mood bothers me the most (hyperactivty) and decided to deal with individual symptoms instead of figuring out what is "wrong" with me. Someone here suggested that very thing: Treating individual symptoms amd problems instead of getting a diagnosis. Huge thank you to all the support on that! :)
Anyway, therapy today was just very methodical, thoughtful and seemed like I was able to tell her exactly what I needed, and she was able to give me tools to work with and things to work through instead of me just sitting there doing nothing. I had called her a week before and gotten most of what I was feeling out into the open. How I felt about her current method of treatment, meds, etc.. and when she called back, she was very  understanding and thoughtful, almost like she finally understood my reactions to a few things. She said that she would help me figure out what was going on without focusing on what was wrong with me, and not focus on me needing a diagnosis.      
So at least that was good today! I had a heck of a time getting my x-rays done, but in the end, I had a wonderful technician who wasn't overly touchy, or robotic. just personable and energetic :)
All in all, a busy, but good day! I hope everybody else had good days today!

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