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Posted by SilverandBlue , 06 January 2014 · 104 views

what a weekend. A good weekend to be sure, just busy! I drove 3 hours down south to visit a cousin who had flown in. I was GOING to ride with a family that was also going to go, but that didn't work out. Then one of my good friends was going to ride with me back at least..Then he ended up buying a car while down there so he just drove back. So 6 hours of driving and 50 dollars in gas later, and I'm exhausted. Saturday was so full of running around the beach, climbing stairs,and hiking up a very muddy hill in flats and pretty orange skinnys :) I'm sure people were wondering what the heck we were doing!
The best part is, I completely was able to forget what had happened and just be kind of free all weekend. Be a teenager again and stay up till 3 in the morning playing clue and eating pizza, drinking mountain dew. and lots of scary driving. Tons of that too. I haven't had a break from work and trying not to trigger, that it's funny that once I forgot about it, I had such a nice weekend. Still a bit antisocial and easy to anger, but since I didn't drive once I was in town, I had no way of getting back to the house to sleep or be a recluse. Driving so long was tough, because it has been proven that I can't it still for 10 minutes, much less 3 hours. Lots and lots of breaks for sure.
Then I get home to 2 bills in the mail -groan- There goes half my paycheck! Oh, and since I still have tuition to pay....
Sorry for the randomness, just wanted to get my brainwaves out of my head :)

Hi silverandblue   sounds like you had a good time, a time to be free and socialize. Im glad you had a great weekend not having to think about it. When you get down think back to the fun you had. 

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