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This woman is extremely brave

Posted by SilverandBlue , 14 December 2013 · 243 views

I was told an inspiring story today by a friend, and I just need to share it.  She was molested around the same age as I, but never dealt with it. 25 years later, she is married, her husband knows all about it and is a huge support and comfort to her. It was he who convinced her to try therapy, and it has helped. Now here's the best part of this woman's recovery process:
She knows her molester. They travel in the same social circle and he is also married with kids. This woman and her husband went visiting to their house (her molester's house, which is odd unless you know the situation completely, which I can't explain fully). She pulled him aside and asked to speak with him outside. He knew what she wanted to talk about and was already crying when she got outside. He had carried around the burden of what he had done for so many years, and just wanted it forgiven. They were able to deal with what had happened, she forgave him. They both felt peace and can now interact with good nature, and I suppose could be friends. 
I wish this kind of thing could happen to everybody. For all the draining bad feelings and guilt to go away on both sides! For her, getting an apology, a true, heartfelt apology and for him, able to have his mistake forgiven is truly remarkable and rare. I guess all I can do (since I don't interact with my perpetrator) is forgive and try my best to forget. 
This woman is extremely brave to confront him, and it turned out to be the exact right thing to do. That is how personal issues between 2 people should be dealt with, so why not this too? I understand it isn't in the realm of possibility for too many people, but I wish it were.
I wish everyone well, and hope you can find some comfort

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