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A week full of triggers and depression

Posted by SilverandBlue , 07 December 2013 · 128 views

I have not had this bad of a week in a while. It's a bit better now, but the rest of this week is just a jumbled hazy mass of lights, noise and colors. Thanksgiving was really bad, I pretty much hid in my room the entire time the family was over. I don't even know what brought this all on, but it feels as though there's an electric current running under my skin and making every nerve extra sensitive, and my mood swings even more "swingy" I go to PT every week, and can usually handle it. I understand that it's not ok to freak just because someone is touching you to fix a problem. But this week it was just an hour that I hardly remember because I was dissociating so badly. She noticed that I was having issues, because I am usually very chatty and happy when there, and being the way she is, asked me straight up what was going on. I couldn't tell her the truth, so I just said I was exhausted. I don't know if she bought it, but oh well. Ugh, I shouldn't get annoyed at people who fret about me, but I do. I also went to T the same day, and I hardly remember that either. She was really pushing me to stay present, but I couldn't. My mind just seemed to leave all of it's own accord, so I left very frustrated and about to cry (I didn't though, I don't cry as a rule) 
So altogether just one big disaster of a week. and next week is going to hardly be different. yay. 

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