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It's all your fault

Posted by SilverandBlue , 17 November 2013 · 199 views

It's funny how we humans are brought up to belittle ourselves. To always take the blame. At least in my home, the understanding was that if you got in trouble at school, it was your fault. Or, the question asked was "what did YOU do?" The same applied to any incident; whether at home or at school.
I don't have a huge problem with this. I don't need to tell my dad what my sister did to me, I need to give MY side of the story. tell him what I did so that he can make a fair judgement.This also causes us kids to just solve problems on our own. A good, independent thing to do.
However, when this is applied to a child reporting a sexual assault, sexual abuse, or anything related, it can cause serious problems. I told my big sister about a year ago about what I remember happening to me. her response? "Well, what did you do?" To which I declined to answer, preferring to simply shut her out.  When I told my parents however, they belived me without a moment's hesitation. Assured me it was not my fault, and my mom sat and held me until I stopped crying and was fine again.
My sister still believes that:
1. It couldn't have happened. Kids just don't DO that to other kids. Not physically or emotionally possible.
2. which means you're just making this up for attention
3. If it did indeed happen, you must have done SOMETHING wrong. (yeah, my mistake was confiding in my big sister)
Oh well, at least my parents and friends support and belive and love me :)

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