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Learning not to Remember


Exhausting session

Posted by SilverandBlue , 27 August 2014 · 198 views

Oh man. I was just a mess. I brought her cupcakes again ( I always do if I make them the same day) and she cooed over them for a bit, because they are just that cute! I love cupcake decorating so my cupcakes always look amazing.
I described the feeling of living in a movie, or in someone else's life. And how much it hurts to hear other's stories. It's a...


Working harder actually makes it worse?

Posted by SilverandBlue , 21 August 2014 · 147 views

I've been working very hard to bring my blood sugar in control. I'm a terrible diabetic, and am trying to improve. Even with an insulin pump, I forget to do my shots. Blood tests? I always forget. I'm doing better though! My average BG is coming down!
But that means that I feel like crap with even a slightly elevated sugar level. I get sick with a BG of 2...


All we can do is keep breathing

Posted by SilverandBlue , 18 August 2014 · 178 views

Quite a fan of that song. Keep breathing by Ingrid michaelson. It could totally be T's theme song too!

Speaking of T, we had agreed to a check in this past week because I didn't have an appt till this coming week. Well I called her, left a message and she didn't answer. Two days later I texted her, wondering if she had even gotten my VM. It has happened...


Another week to go

Posted by SilverandBlue , 15 August 2014 · 124 views

I started cutting back on T appts, even though insurance DOES cover it again I still have quite a balance that I owe her. Feels grubby to keep going every week and try to pay off the balance while continuing to pay each week when I won't be able to.
So I didn't have an appt this week. We agreed to a phone call/email check in if I needed it this week. I n...


Roller coaster weekend

Posted by SilverandBlue , 07 August 2014 · 169 views

Whew. Quite a weekend/beginning of week!
I asked my mom again how my aunt commited sui, and she told me this time. She asphyxiated herself on helium. I did not expect to burst into tears, I thought I would take it better than that but I couldn't help it. My mom was taken aback by my reaction. Per her standards she waited until I...


Eeek! I just can't Win!

Posted by SilverandBlue , 01 August 2014 · 176 views

I do seem to be writing a lot. Hmm, well there is a lot of new things happening every day and if I don't put it somewhere I will literally explode! Like actually explode 💥😱
I went to the store today, my sister had just bought a jacket from there, and I needed a stool anyway to do one of the exercises my PT gave me. So off we went joyfully...

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