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Learning not to Remember


Current State of the Union

Posted by SilverandBlue , 03 March 2014 · 147 views

This is long, I apologize in advance. This is for my own mental organization :D
I've been doing some thinking… I seem to do a lot of that lately. Lots of late night car drives just lost in thought, lots of evenings with headphones in curled around stuffed animals. I have an appointment with T on Thursday, and I'm a little bit scared. I'm...


Rather pissed at doc right now

Posted by SilverandBlue , 03 March 2014 · 212 views

I have been doing more research on lamictal, as my doc prescribed it for me to help with mini bipolar 2 episodes and hypomania.
She didn't tell me much about it really, just told me what it was, what it did, and why I needed it. T had also talked a bit about how amazing it was, and how little side effects it had. I didn't want meds, because they scare me....


How, and Why? I need to get this all out

Posted by SilverandBlue , 01 March 2014 · 174 views

-deep breath- i have to do it. I have to try and write out all that I feel , all that happened, and all that I did. 
Maybe, if I write it out enough, I can come to accept it and move on. and I NEED to move on.
So, I'm going to start with what may seem like unimportant details, but to me, I need to start at the very beginning, before anything e...

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