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Posted by TrueBlue , 12 December 2013 · 182 views

"Shhh" she whispered as we snuck through the silent house.  I tried not to giggle, I bit the inside of my mouth and a hint of iron tingled my tongue.  I knew better than to giggle.  I knew better than to wake them.  I kept her bent over back in sight...It was exhilirating and frightening all at once.  The chance of being caught, the flow of adrenline buzzed through our bodies, making them shake.
We made our way down the creaky stairs, stopping only once when we heard a creak as loud as thunder clap.  I just knew we would hear a roaring voice asking us what the hell we were doing.  But nothing.  We continued on, reaching the front door.  We stood there, my eyes felt large, like hers as her hand rested on the door knob.  We glared in to each other's eyes.
We knew what it meant should she turn the knob.  We knew what it meant should we step outside.  Everything would change.  Nothing would ever be the same again.  The realization of that truth made my stomach flip and flop like there were hundreds of toads in there doing somersaults.
We stood there for an eternity.  Her hand begun to shake.  My legs began to shake.  Could we do this?  Doubt began to creep up my spine as we stood there, hesitating.  Then.....the door knob turned and we were greeted with the morning air and the early sunlight. 
Looking in to each other's eyes, we grasped hands tightly and took the first step....

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