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Not funny. Not a prank. Not okay. Assault should never be tolerated.

Posted by stronger98 , 02 March 2014 · 159 views

I Really Need To Vent!!!

When I Was In Fifth or Sixth Grade A Bully In School Who Had Been Sexually Assaulting Me Of And On From The Very End Of Third Grade Up Until Halfway Through Sixth Grade, Decided To Give Me A Purple Nurple One Day. It Hurt Like Hell!! I Screamed And My Mom Yelled Down The Stairs To Be Quite And Knock If off. She Never Came Downst...


I don't want this to control any aspect of my life. I need advice.

Posted by stronger98 , 13 February 2014 · 132 views

The Pain Is Unbearable
The Fear Is Overwhelming
My Anxiety Is Up...
Confidence Abrubts

The Memorys Are Vivid
The Flashbacks Are Awful
My Body Shakes...No Breath Can Escape...
Security Breaks


Tampons. Using One Is Something I Have Tried To Do Ever Since I Got My First Period.
I Always End Up Shakeing On The Floor, Out Of Breath, Almost In Tears...


my mother is on his side, not mine!

Posted by stronger98 , 25 January 2014 · 184 views

This Afternoon After I Got Home From A Track Meet I Was Talking To My Mom On The Couch.

I Told Her That I Hate My Brother After All He Has Done.

Than She Said" Can't You Just Forgive Him For Being Stupid?" With A Click Of Her tounge.

I Said "No After All HE Did To Me For Three Years. He Wasn't Being Stupid He Knew What He Was Doing Was Wrong." I Was Sa...


my mother really didn't help...I feel like im back at square one

Posted by stronger98 , 20 January 2014 · 126 views

My Mother Came Into My Room to Tell Me Lunch Was Ready.

I Told Her "I Forgive Daddy And Josh(Brothers Name)

She Told Me How Great That Was And Than Went Into A Topic I Really Didn't Want To Hear And That I Believe Has Undone All The Work I Did Over These Past Few Months To Get That Far.

My Mother Said Your Dad(Birth) And Brother Love You Dearly, Their...


A strong pain I feel on my birthday

Posted by stronger98 , 06 January 2014 · 139 views

Today Is My Sweet Sixteenth Birthday :) I Am Full Of Love, Peace And Joy. I Awoke To Happy Birthday Texts And Facebook Messages. Moment I Walked Into School I Received Many Hugs From Classmates And Friends Wishing Me Only The Best. One Of My Favorite Teachers Highfived Me. My Team Even Sang Happy Birthday To Me.

I Feel Happy, And From The Outside This...


this may be long but I would like some advice please :)

Posted by stronger98 , 03 January 2014 · 200 views

My Older Brother Has Never Had A Good Life. I"m Not Over Exaggerating. Being Completely ,100% Honest Here. His Life Has Always Been a Bad one, Starting At Day one.

Born Two Months Premature At 3Lbs With Cerebral Palsy; He Has Always Had Wrecked Vison, a Short Leg, Asthma, Motor Dexterity And Been In And Out Of Leg Braces For TIp Toe Walking His Whole Ent...


scared of the future

Posted by stronger98 , 27 October 2013 · 159 views

I Feel Like A Piece Of Me Has Been Ripped AwaY Even Though I Have Now Gotten What I Wanted. When I Was Twelve TO Fifteen Years Old My Brother Was Sexually Abuseing Me. My Parents Knew And Had Me Go To Church And See Him Anyways...They Said I Had To Face My Problems. I Asked Them Numerous Times If I Could Stay Home From Church. They Said No.For My Whole Li...


how to forgive: please help me

Posted by stronger98 , 22 October 2013 · 159 views

When I Was Twelve My Brother Began To SexualLy Abuse Me. He Sang " Apple Bottom Jeans" And asked Me IF I Knew That Song. I Felt Uncomfortable So I Played Nieve And Said No I Don'T. Afterwards He Decided That We Should Go Up The StaiRS And That Ladies Should Go First.... So I Went First. Halfway Up The Stairs He Began To Sexually Assault Me. After He Finished...He Laughed And Proclaimed iM Your Brother I Can Do That To You Better Not Catch Any Other Man Touching You Like That OR IM Telling Ya HES Gonna Get It. I Was Utterly Humiliated. He Sexually Assaulted me Two More Times The Following Year. Around This Time He Began To Make Sexual Comments Around Me Alot As Well As Tickle Me tonS. After One Of His Tickling SeTions Which I Protested He PReformed OnE Of ThE Two Previously Mentioned Sexual Assaults On me. The Last Sexual Assault Occurred On Our Front Porch.My Brother Is Thirteen Years Older Than I Am. He Used To Be My Hero. I Find That At Times I Am So Angry With Him And That I Even Hate Him. I Wish I Could Love Him Again But That Admiration I Used To Have For Him I Feel Is Absolutely Impossible To Get back. I Would Like Some Advice Of How To Let Go Forgive And Move On With My Life. Thank You All For The Support...

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