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part of my story I have never told

Posted by stronger98 , 28 April 2014 · 130 views

My Heart Is Raceing A Thousand Miles A Minute As I Write.....
Something I Have Never Shared Before

Something I Am Afraid To Speak About

Something I Am Terrified To Admit

Something I Have Been In Denial About For Years And Years

I Was Ten/Eleven Years Old

At My Best Friends House...In Her Bathroom.We Had Just Gone Swimming In Her Pool.

I Wore A One Piece Black Bathing Suit With Pink&Purple Flower And Square Designs Laced All Over The Front.

My Hair Had Finally Grown Long.

My Friends Little Sister(9)Was Taking A Shower And I Was Peeing At The Time When Their Younger Brother(8) Walked In On Us. He Had A HugE Creepy Perverted Grin On His Face.
I Will Never Forget His Smile.
Or His Voice.

I Immediately CoverEd Myself And Asked What He Was Doing Here.

When He Grunted. I Screamed. I Felt Something Scary In The Air.

He Jumped Ontop Of Me.

I Was Trying To Protect Myself.....Cover Myself......And The Sister Restrained Me...

She Laughed The Whole Entire Time Her Brother Sexually Assaulted Me Over And Over And Over Again. I Kept Screaming And Screaming. Nobody Cared.

His Mom Told Him To Leave Me Alone In A Funny Voice....I Think She Knew What Was Going On. But He Just Ignored Her And Kept Going Until He Had Had Enough.

When He Left He SmileD At Me. The Sister Was Still Laughing.

My Papa Asked Me What Was Wrong When I Went Home That Afternoon. I Said Nothing.I Felt So Embarassed. My Family Still Doesn't KnoW. No One Knows.

Days Later I Attacked Him. Biggest Mistake Of My Life.

Days Later He Sexually Assaulted Me Again. He Jumped Ontop Of Me And Dry Humped Me At A Church Party. I Kept Telling Him To Get Off ....He Never Listened....I Was Petrified With Fear.

I Used To Be Insecure About My Height For A Long Time After This Incident....I Was Small Enough That Two Younger Kids Were Able To Overpower Me. This Is Also Why I Toke A Long Time To Share My Story, Because I Was Embarrassed.....But I Am No Longer Embarrassed.

Out Of All This Fear And Terror I Still Run.

I'm sorry that you were treated this way. I hope that by telling this it will ease some of the pain.

I am very sorry for what you went through. No one should have to ensure such disrespectful treatment and that type of violation. What happened was not your fault and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Take gentle care of yourself and remember that telling something like this takes a lot of effort and strength. Give yourself some extra tlc.

I am so very sorry you were treated this way. Good on you for knowing it is not yours to be embarrassed about! None of that was your fault. I am glad that you still run!

Apr 30 2014 07:54 PM

Oh dear, oh dear. I'm horrified this happened to you. I'm so sorry Stronger.


And, I'm so glad you shared it. This took incredible courage.

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