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my brother

Posted by stronger98 , 18 April 2014 · 118 views


You Taught Me Empathy.
You Taught Me Love.

You Taught Me Mercy.
You Taught Me Kindness.

You Taught Me Compassion
You Taught Me Tolerance.


I Still Remember The Day You Hugged Me When Mom And Dad Were Fighting.
I Still Remember Those Times When You SafEd Me From Mom EveryTime She Wanted To Hurt Me.
You Were My Protector. You Were A Father To Me.

Why Did You Turn On Me When I Was Five.
Was It Because I Got Adopted And You Didn't? Because.... If I Had A Choice You Would Have Been Adopted With Me.....
I Would Trade Places With You In A Heart Beat.

Why Did You Molest Me For Ten Years?
I Was A Child A Little Child Who Had Already Been Through So Much. Why Did You Have To Make Things Worse?

When Aunt J Sexually Abused Me Instead Of Being There For Me YouBegan To Sexually Assault Me more And More.
You Made Things Worse.
You Would Always Make Jokes Or Make AReference To Her Almost EveryTime You Touched Me.....You Sided With Her.The Humiliation I Received Turned You On....Sick....This Is All Sick.

You Taught Me That If I Tell Someone I Was Raped Than They Would Bite Back and Do The Same.
You Taught Me It Was Better To Keep My Mouth Shut....And I Did.
You Weren't The First Person To Do This To Me And Keep Doing This And You Weren't The Last.
13 People Have Degraded Me . Humiliated Me. Hurt Me.....Raped Me.
But Like AnyOnes Going To Believe Me Right?

Funny You Don't Even Know What Our Cousin Did To Me When I Was Eight And She Is Not So Much Different From You And Dad. But I Forgive Her.

I Know This Will Sound Weird....After All I Just Said....But I Do Forgive You.
I Forgive You For Betraying Me.
For Degrading Me.
For Harming Me.
For Rapeing Me.

Eleven Years Of Almost Constant Sexual Abuse....But You Know What I Am Not Damaged Beyond Repair.

I Am A Straight A Student.
I Am A Varsity Track Runner.
I Am Not Afraid To Speak My Mind.
I Am An OvercomEr.
I Am A Survivor.
And I Don't Hold Grudges.

June 2016

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